We like to say that “We Want to Tell The World About You”. And we do. You need to let the world know you exist and you need to do it online.  We know it’s also a very noisy world out on the Internet. So Tour Talk Media is here to help you create digital media content that gets you noticed and tells the world who you are, what you do and why they need to visit your website.  We want to help you get that wonderful visual and audio content out to the Internet world and get it to be found faster and easier.

I’m Mark Anthony and along with my wife Debbie, we created Tour Talk Media as a place to extend what we are already doing in creating digital marketing content for our own tour and travel websites and social media channels. So why not help others who need it too?

  • Video Services
  • Photography service
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Coaching & Consulting

Being based out of Las Vegas, we would attend a red carpet event, a sporting event, show opening or do a travel log.  While there, we would be asked by others to help them create a video or grab some photos for their website and social media profiles.   From there, we would edit them and needed to push it out to their website or social media accounts, only to discover what they had was either non-existent or not well optimized.

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Why Have Great Content If It Can’t Be Found??

They needed help in getting their YouTube channel and social media platforms to be more informative, effective, optimized for search and found easier by others. Their website and their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.. ) were not working together, they were not getting the engagement and they were sending out a mixed message or worse, they were just not being found.

We know that visual images (photo/video) on your website and social media channels are whats creating the most buzz today. It’s what’s attracting the most traffic and it’s what will keep them coming back.  Search Engines love properly optimized images and as you probably know by now, Videos rocks!  It’s what people are expecting to find now when they search for information.  You need video on your website and that video needs to be hosted on YouTube for the best results, while also being found on other sites as well.

We Shoot, We Market, You Score!

We create and edit video specifically for the Internet.  We can help you create and optimize your custom YouTube channel. We can shoot the right images you need for that new story or fabulous post. We can help you keep your social media profiles fresh with new content.  We can help you make sure all your visual content is well optimized for search and are being found.  You can rest easy knowing we just created a whole lot of new organic traffic to your website(s)!

It’s Simple.

We Can Help Tell The World About You.

It’s What We Do!

Contact Us Today So We Can Start Telling the World About You!