Podcasting has been around for over ten years and Tour Talk Media/Mark Anthony has been producing podcasts since 2006.  They are more popular now because they are easier to create, easier to find and better to listen to than in past years. The technology of Podcasting keeps changing and getting better.  Helping to make more people become the niche authority they were meant to be.

Podcast – a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Why You Need a Podcast

Most podcasts are consumed by headphones or earbuds while the listener is doing other things.  They are manually engaged in their activity, but mindfully focused on what you are saying., You now have their mental attention.  Uncluttered by anyone else’s’ advertising or marketing message.  This can build a trust and a familiarity between you and them.  This builds on your authority in your niche.  It builds the brand and the awareness like nothing else can.

Plus, with a podcast that is kept active, it can last for years. The Vegas Tourist Podcast has been going since 2006 and many of its programs are still available to listen to and download.  Our past guests and advertisers tell us that they still get calls and comments from being on a podcast over 5 years ago!   No radio ad or tv spot can say that!

People are living busier lives, and are spending more and more time in commute. You may not be able to read an essay while behind the wheel, but you can listen to a podcast.  Podcasts are the place where people are going to consume deeper, more intellectual content. People wanting to advance in their careers, want to know whats happening in their business, markets, and niches, people are craving information on how their particular field is being affected. They are looking for an expert they can relate to.  Podcasting offers you the ability to become that expert, to reach and impact these people.

Start a podcast or be a part of a podcast in your niche.

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