Welcome and thank you for looking at Tour Talk Media to help your company get found better on the Internet.

I’m Mark Anthony along with my Wife Debbie Anthony, created Tour Talk to be a boutique Digital Marketing company.  We work with small companies, business professionals and entrepreneurs who need the extra help in social media marketing, youtube marketing, management and consulting.  Being the expert where you don’t have time to be!

We work by the project, the hour or the month.  What works best for you.
With us, you are not assigned an account manager. You get me. You get Debbie.  You work with us!

What do we do?

Not to say we are a one size fit all, jack of all trades digital marketing company.  We are small and like to do everything in the house and with as few of clients as possible to give you that extra touch in service as well as services.

So first, it all starts with a simple conversation.  We like to know who we are working with as much as you probably would like to really know who we are.  Hearing the voice and seeing the faces help in building the relationship.  The talking helps find each other’s strong suits, their real needs and what we can do to help get you better known and more easily found on the Internet.

So we always start off with a FREE Consultation.  A chance to talk, to get to know each other and see what we can work out together to create something wonderful and that will work for you.  If you are located in or visiting Las Vegas, we can meet face to face, or by phone, video chat, skype or other means.

  • Digital Marketing Evaluation
    We look at everything you do online. Where the people can find you now and where your prospective clients are really looking for you.  To make sure you are where they are.  We look at how the profiles for the various social media platforms are all saying the same message.  Make sure that you control the usernames and make sure everything is SEO friendly.
  • Google Map/Google G+ claimed and optimized
    As a business owner, especially if you are in the hospitality, tourism market, you need people to know you are where they are going before they leave their home.  So you NEED to be on Google Maps and You Need to have a Google G+ business account.  We can set this up for you. We can claim your business profile on Google for you and make sure it is properly optimized so that Google and other search engines will share it with the proper tags and categories your customers are searching with.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    A big fancy word you probably have heard of way too many times.  But it is an important part of your Digital Marketing.  Making sure the search engines know you exist, like you and will promote you to people needing what you offer. We make sure your website, your social media profiles (twitter/facebook/etc..) are all friendly to the search engines and they are liking what they see on your websites.
  • YouTube Marketing
    You need YouTube Marketing. Its what is driving traffic to most of the popular websites today. Its how people are consuming online content. And its owned by the largest search engine in the world, making it the second largest search engine in the world.  From a simple how-to video or property reviews to property tours, highlights and Vlogs, we can help you create, market and even build your YouTube channel.
  • Social Media Updates
    Keeping your Twitter/Facebook or other social media account fresh and regularly updated is important to keep you in your customer’s mind.  Letting them know whats new, whats important and what you can do for them.  We can do that for you.  We can post and respond to comments on a daily or weekly basis. Fresh posts, fresh reminders, fresh prospects!


Summer Special!
Four Hours Coaching/Consulting – $100
Can be used in one-hour increments!


  • Individual Services  start at $50.00
  • Monthly Updates – $150.00 and up